Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Ogden Local Music Awareness Coalition to advance the local music scene by:

  • increasing awareness of local music in the community,
  • unifying all local musicians (regardless of genre) in a spirit of friendship and support,
  • offering meaningful service to the community,
  • encouraging musicians and fans to take accountability for the direction of the local music scene, and
  • providing a democratic voice to every person involved in local music.

About Us

The Ogden Local Music Awareness Coalition (LMAC) is an organization dedicated to the advancement of the local music scene in Ogden. The Ogden LMAC is governed by an Advisory Board, which is made up of 7 individuals that are democratically elected by the LMAC delegates every year at the annual Ogden Local Music Summit.

There are three options for joining the Ogden Local Music Awareness Coalition, namely:

  • Delegates – Individuals that sign up to join the LMAC are referred to as “Delegates”. Delegates receive free admission to LMAC sponsored events, and have the right to vote for Advisory Board candidates each year at the annual Ogden Local Music Summit. It is free to sign up as a delegate.
  • Bands/Artists – In addition to signing up as delegates, musicians can sign up to join the LMAC as a band or artist. Bands/Artists that join the LMAC will be recognized on the LMAC website, qualify for the monthly Featured Artist profile on WeAreLocalMusic.com, and be eligible for monthly drawings for cash and prizes. It is free to sign up as a Band/Artist.
  • Businesses – In addition to individuals and artist, businesses can also sign up to join the LMAC. Businesses that sign up to join the LMAC will be recognized on the LMAC website, as well as on the monthly newsletter. The annual dues for businesses are $100 per business.

Ogden LMAC General Manager

  • Jason M. Allen – owner of The Basement, The Storm Cellar, Tragically Average Studios, and Tragically Average Records. Jason has a Bachelor Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering and a Masters of Engineering Degree in Project Management from the University of Utah.

Ogden LMAC Advisory Board

  • Ben Gabrielsen – Ben is the guitarist of “Gunfight Fever”. He is a former employee of the Washington Terrace School of Music, and currently works as a freelance guitar instructor. Ben is currently pursuing a degree in graphic design.
  • Austin Frodsham – Austin currently plays bass guitar, fiddle, and mandolin, as well as sings for the Americana folk rock band “The Old World”. Austin has a degree in history from the University of Utah. Austin is known the world over for his luxuriously long brown hair.
  • Lucas Mitchell – Lucas is the rhythm guitarist and lead singer for the western rock, Logan-based band Welcome To The Woods. Lucas is pursuing a degree in marketing and graphic design from Utah State University. Lucas also co-owns a graphic design company called Gumware Design.
  • Brad Nielson – Brad is the lead singer of Ogden metal band Fire In The Skies. When he is not touring with his band, Brad works as live sound engineer at The Basement. Brad has been running sound for over 8 years, and has amassed an impressive resume of bands he has engineered. Brad also opened for Lamb of God.
  • Nick Parker – Nick is the co-owner of the Salt Lake City based publicity company “The Eloquence Group”. Nick has written for many notable Utah media outlets including S.L.U.G. Magazine, the Salt Lake Tribune, and Deseret News. He is also the former bassist of southern metal band Breaux.
  • Mikaela Shafer – Mikaela hails from Georgia and currently resides in Ogden. She is the founder of “Indie Ogden”, a blog dedicated to spreading the word about how great it is to live in Ogden. Mikaela also writes articles for the online publication “Sloucher.org”.
  • Mike Wright – Mike plays upright bass in the rockabilly band "Big Fin Dragsters". Mike is currently employed at Hot Topic in the Newgate Mall.